My daughter is safe and well

My daughter is safe and well. She is surrounded by loving, supportive, encouraging, gifted, intelligent, positive and protective people who inspire her to be all she can be. She is excelling at school and has excellent healthy friends. She loves her time at home with me and with my immediate family. She is protected from

My home

I am gratitude for the house that we bought 6 months ago, it’s everything we wished for, a place called home, a big Gardner for our dogs and a cat, a beautiful peaceful place to rest, enjoy the life and have enough space to welcome all of our friends and family. I do feel so

What Causes Impetigo

Impetigo – pustular skin disease caused by streptococci and staphylococci. Pathogen penetrates through the cracks and scratches the skin, the mouth of the hair follicles. What causes impetigo? Development of the disease contribute to the micro, maceration, skin contamination, enhanced sweating, metabolic disorders (diabetes), vitamin deficiencies, immune suppression (after previous serious illness, etc.). Impetigo –

Back on the hard stuff!

Had chemo today. Back on the hard stuff. Dr. Kapoor was willing to give me off another week but i was hoping for a week or two off in November for a family wedding and Thanksgiving. So we are pushing for the next couple of weeks. i did get the max dose of the anti

How to Treat Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stone is a disease caused when there is a formation of calcium in our soft tissues present at the back of our throat. Mainly the stones are composed of calcium and other components like magnesium, carbonate, ammonia and phosphorus. These tissues most commonly form in lingual and palatine tonsils. Most important duty of tonsils

Catching up

wow, it has been forever. My good friend keeps reminding me to blog, so this is for you, Sally, now go to Laredo with you husband and enjoy the entire weekend no matter what your kids say! It is usually a good sign when i have not updated as life has been pretty good. We

Check up

To answer everyone’s question… i am feeling great. It is hard to believe that something can be growing in my body when i feel so good. I just forget how much the chemo takes out of me. Drug free is good for me!! After a fun and family filled weekend i went in to the